The Buckeye Union High School District Learning Center online program (LCOnline) is a comprehensive online program where students progress through Edgenuity, which is a nationally-recognized curriculum aligned to Arizona State Academic Standards at their own pace.  Assignment Calendars are just one of the organizational tools that provide students guidance for pacing so that they complete courses by the end of the semester.    Highly qualified teachers present lessons through videos and incorporate various hands-on engaging activities, which students have access to, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Another important tool offered in most Edgenuity core classes is Guided Notes.  A quiz will be taken after each lesson, and a test finalizes the unit, with cumulative exams rounding out the assessments.  Highly qualified teachers monitor and support students’ progress and are available to help students when needed.  The only time students are required to physically come to a district campus is for individually scheduled Final Cumulative Exams, usually taken at the BUHSD Learning Center at the end of the semester.  A Family Portal is also available for parent(s)/guardian(s) to monitor student progress in courses, grades, and attendance.  For students who choose this option, they remain eligible to participate in activities and athletics at their home campus.