Edgenuity Instructions

Edgenuity Instructions
Posted on 09/08/2020
Edgenuity Instructions

BUHSD Learning Center Edgenuity Enrollment Instructions

Welcome to BUHSD LcOnLine!  Here are some important instructions to get you started with your online Edgenuity courses. Edgenuity is the online learning platform we use for your classes.  Please be sure to read this entire message, and do not hesitate to email us if you have any questions. 


The easiest way to access your class is to go to the District’s website: www.buhsd.org.  Click on BUHSD Learning Center at the top of the main page.  Go to Programs and click on LCOnline.  Scroll down and click on Edgenuity Student Login.  You can also access your class(es) through http://learn.edgenuity.com/student.  If you are a continuing Edgenuity student, your login information is the same as it was before. If you are new to Edgenuity, your district email (ID@buhsd.org) is your username (unless notified otherwise), and your password is the first three letters of your first name, first three letters of your last name, and the first three digits of your school ID number.

For example, the username for Marissa Lees, ID 23564 would be as follows: 23564@buhsd.org, and the password would be marlee235.

If you are new to Edgenuity, after your initial login, you will be required view short orientation videos.  These will demonstrate how to navigate and access various parts of Edgenuity. You must view these before you can access your class(es).

Before you start your class(es), make sure you have been enrolled in the correct class(es).  If you feel there has been an error with the class(es) you’ve been assigned, please email Mrs. Lees at mlees@buhsd.org as soon as possible.  Please note that if you are enrolled in a Spanish class there is a speaking, writing, and reading component; therefore, headphones with a microphone is required.


Edgenuity offers a Family Portal where parents/guardians can check on their child’s progress in their Edgenuity classes.  First, you must activate your Family Portal. 

Note: You will need a unique Activation Code in order to activate your Family Portal.  To obtain your personal Activation Code, please send an email to all three of us: mlees@buhsd.org (Mrs. Lees), ctellez@buhsd.org (Ms. Tellez), and ksanders@buhsd.org (Dr. Sanders).  You will just need to provide your student’s full name and ID number on the email.  One of us will reply to your email with your Activation Code. 

The easiest way to access the Edgenuity Family Portal is to go to the District’s website: www.buhsd.org.  Click on BUHSD Learning Center at the top of the main page.  Go to Programs and click on LCOnline.  Scroll down and click on Edgenuity Parent Login.  You can also directly access the Family Portal at https://auth.edgenuity.com/Login/Login/Family.  Next, you will click on Activate Account (small link on bottom right). Then, type in your email address that you provided on your student’s online application and your Activation Code.   You will then be asked to create a password and security question.  Finally, you can login and see how your child is progressing in his/her classes.  You will also receive weekly progress reports to straight to your email once you’ve activated your Family Portal.  Feel free to watch helpful tutorial video under LCOnline Resource Videos.

Note: You will NOT be able to see your child’s grades on Parent Vue, as Edgenuity does not communicate with Parent Vue.  You will have to use the Family Portal in order to see grades and attendance for your student.


In your Edgenuity classes, you will encounter quizzes for each lesson.  If you fail a quiz, you may re-take it one time.  However, tests and exams (mid-term and final) can only be taken once; there are NO re-takes on tests/exams.  Only tests and exams must be released by the teacher.  You will not be able to proceed in the class until your test/exam is released by one of our BUHSD Learning Center teachers.  When you arrive at a test/exam, email the teacher responsible for facilitating that particular class.  See Teacher Facilitation Chart at the end of this document.  Also, note that teachers are given a 24-hour window to respond to requests. 


Edgenuity shows three types of grades, and it is important that you understand what each one means.  First, the Overall Grade is the grade you have earned on the portions of the course that you have completed.  In other words, this shows the quality of work you are doing and if you are understanding the content.  Second, the Actual Grade is based on the Overall Grade in relation to the percentage of coursework completed versus the percentage of coursework that should have been completed.  If you are on-track or ahead of schedule with your course, the Actual Grade will be the same as the Overall Grade.  Only if you begin falling behind in completing your coursework will the Actual Grade be lower than the Overall Grade.  In other words, this grade is what best correlates to a regular classroom grade: Edgenuity assigns a zero for everything that you should have done based on your Course Map Assignment Calendar.  Third, the Relative Grade is the grade earned including a 0% for ALL components remaining incomplete in the entire course.  In other words, Edgenuity assigns a zero for EVERYTHING in the course, and as you complete work, those zeros transform into the grade you’ve earned.  As you complete work in the course, your Relative Grade will increase.  The Relative Grade will be the posted grade on your high school transcript. 

Note:  You will NOT be able to see your grades on Student Vue, as Edgenuity does not communicate with Student Vue.  You will need to check your Edgenuity Progress Report for your grades.  Feel free to watch the helpful tutorial on Edgenuity Progress Reports video under LCOnline Resource Videos.

Important:  Plagiarism is presenting other’s words/ideas as your own without giving credit to the original author.  It is also copying directly from another person/source and presenting the work as your own.  Plagiarism is NOT allowed.  All work must be your own.  Do NOT copy work from another person or from the Internet.  If you use words from another person, you must put quotation marks around the exact words quoted and give credit to the author. If you paraphrase information from a person/source, you must give credit to the author.  Teachers use Turnitin.com to check for plagiarism. This website will check your work against everything on the Internet as well as all work that has ever been submitted to Turnitin.com.  Any work that shows up plagiarized will result in a zero for the assignment, and discipline may occur.  Plagiarism is a violation of the district’s code of conduct, and any work that shows up plagiarized will result in a zero for the assignment, a referral will be written, and the violation will be entered on the student’s school discipline profile.


Whenever you have questions about your specific classes, please reach out to the teacher who is responsible for facilitating your class.  Please refer to the Teacher Facilitation Chart at the end of this document to determine which teacher is responsible for facilitating which class. 

Teachers will also continue monitoring classes during weekends, holidays, and evenings.

One useful tool you should take advantage of is the Assignment Calendar within the Course Map.  I have set your courses with a specific Target End Date.  All work, including your final test(s)/exam(s) must be completed by your Target End Date.  Please note:  you have 24/7 access to your coursework, so feel free to work ahead of the Course Map schedule

Tip:  Edgenuity does NOT assign new work on weekends and school breaks; however, because you can still work in your classes during these days, you can get caught up or get ahead more easily by choosing to work during these days!

Please do NOT correspond with teachers through the email function in Edgenuity, as it has been disabled. 


If you need general assistance, you may contact BUHSD LC staff listed below. 

We look forward to working with you as you progress through your class(es).  We ask that you continue checking your district student emails, the BUHS Learning Center website (https://blc.buhsd.org/), and Edgenuity Announcements for the most up-to-date information.