Alternative Education Program

Established in 2011, the Buckeye Union High School District Learning Center began, and continues, preparing students for college and/or career in the Alternative Education Program through the utilization of Edgenuity, a computer-based academic platform.  Core content classes are aligned to Arizona State Standards as well as District Curricula.  Students attend classes during the week on the BUHSD Learning Center campus.  Three highly qualified teachers are on site to monitor course progression and assist students with academic needs. Incorporating the latest in technology and the infusion of 21st Century Learning Skills, the BUHSD Learning Center diligently facilitates individualized educational instruction for students within this alternative learning environment.

There are varied avenues for student enrollment in the Alternative Education Program.  One option is through open enrollment (by choice) for district high school students desiring an alternative method of delivery in courses as they aspire to meet graduation requirements.  The other option is enrollment as a result of either an academic or behavioral referral from a student’s home school.